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Tax-exempt organizations are held to an extremely high standard. They can expect donors, the government, the media and the general public to all scrutinize their operations. Although nonprofits usually don’t pay taxes, they do prepare an annual informational return (Federal Form 990) to showcase how they use their funds and fulfill their mission.

AGLA'S nonprofits tax experts will work closely with you on both the financial and narrative sections of this public document. We will work with you so your 990 paints an accurate and compelling picture of your nonprofit’s mission, financial health, governance standards and operational effectiveness.

Beyond our meticulous Form 990 work, we also handle all aspects of nonprofit tax planning, tax-related regulatory compliance, tax analysis and more. We guide your organization through the myriad of rules and regulations involved in maintaining its tax-exempt status, so you can focus on your important work.

Association Clients:

  • Trade Associations

  • Professional Societies

  • Business Leagues

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Boards of Trade

  • International Membership Organization

AGLA has focused its activities on providing exceptional service to the nonprofit industry. Assisting nonprofit organizations is the dominant reason for our practice.  Our professionals provide solutions and best practice recommendations to help nonprofits maintain financial stability with increased accountability and transparency, an especially important goal during these economically volatile times.

AGLA team is actively involved in the nonprofit industry by participating on boards, volunteering, or through membership in a number of different industry groups.


AGLA experts write articles and present seminars throughout the nonprofit community related to auditing, tax, and financial management to keep clients informed and up to date on relevant topics. Sign up for newsletters that contain helpful financial resources for nonprofit organizations.

AGLA provides services to tax-exempt organizations at regional, and national levels, and around the world. including:


  • Trade and membership organizations

  • International non-governmental organizations (foreign and domestic)

  • Human and social services organizations

  • Cultural arts organizations

  • Private foundations

  • Faith-based organizations

  • Public interest organizations

  • Other charitable institutions

AGLA experts have been helping nonprofits of all sizes put their best foot forward when it comes to IRS Form 990 preparation, tax strategy and maintaining tax-exempt status. Learn more about nonprofit tax.

Nonprofit Audit and Assurance Services


AGLA's experts have a combined experience helping tax-exempt organizations achieve financial and operational success. In addition to nonprofit audit and assurance services, which represent the majority of our work, we also provide the following:

  • Budget preparation

  • Strategic planning

  • Indirect cost rate

  • Sage Intacct implementation

  • Accounting policies and procedures manuals

  • Information technology design and installation

  • Financial and management reporting

  • Board development

  • Grant management review

  • Cash flow projections

  • Training of finance personnel

  • Ballot counting

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Cybersecurity and IT Risk

  • Litigation and Fraud Support

  • Agreed-upon procedures

  • Nonprofit tax compliance and consulting services

  • Organizational, operational and financial analysis

  • Revenue recognition assessments

  • Expenses allocation analysis

  • Internal control evaluation

International non-governmental organizations that deliver development, humanitarian and relief programs around the world face a unique set of challenges when it comes to oversight of their financial operations. Monitoring field office activity, ensuring compliance with US government regulations and monitoring strong internal controls are some considerations for executive and financial personnel as they serve communities around the world.

Accounting professionals with extensive experience working with international organizations can help ensure your programs and activities are financially sound and comply with all necessary regulations, policies and procedures, including the OMB Circulars and other relevant federal award requirements. The auditors and consultants of GRF CPAs & Advisors are unusual among accountants.

We are familiar with the requirements of domestic and international funding agencies and we also have extensive experience working with NGOs that maintain global operations. Ninety percent of our auditors have traveled internationally on behalf of GRF clients —not every auditor can say that.

As a result, we understand the conditions under which international organizations work.

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