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When business takes you overseas, we help you understand your compliance issues and responsibilities.

The new era is characterized by the movement of globalization that drives businesses to go international. Doing business global means being exposed to a complicated array of international tax and human resource considerations for Americans living and working overseas and foreign nationals employed by American organizations overseas or businesses domestically.

AGLA international tax consultants work with United States citizens and foreign nationals employed or contracted overseas by for-profit businesses and non-governmental organizations.  Our professionals also work closely with human resource, finance, payroll and operations personnel responsible for handling this complex area.

AGLA role plays on ensuring that an organization is compliant with federal and state taxation as well as host country regulations.

Examples of the issues  in which AGLA experts can assist you with:

  • Foreign-earned income exclusion

  • Physical presence test

  • Bona fide residence test

  • Foreign housing exclusion or deduction

  • Preparation for IRS Forms 2555, 673, FBAR and related forms.

  • Advise on US State tax regulations for ex-pats and foreign nationals.

  • Foreign tax credit

  • Impact of tax treaties and visa status on taxability of US-source income

  • Moves between foreign countries

  • Preparation of Forms 1040NR and 1042S

Our experienced tax specialists prepare federal and state returns, maintain in-depth knowledge of and inform clients about changes in regulations that can impact their international tax liabilities and have in-depth experience representing organizations and taxpayers before the IRS.

When business takes you overseas or from one country to another, we help your organization understand your compliance issues and the responsibilities you have to your overseas staff.  We can also help your employees working overseas or domestically manage the complex issues that can arise.

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