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Internal Audit as an Instrument of Evaluating Performance and Manage Risk with an Internal Audit

AGLA serves as independent, trusted advisors to senior management and audit committees in evaluating the organization’s overall enterprise risk. Our practical right-sized solutions are developed through first understanding your organization’s industry, strategic objectives and control environment allowing us to customize our audit plans and programs accordingly.

AGLA experts assist clients with a comprehensive remedy of Internal Audit Solutions:

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing

  • Internal Audit Co-sourcing

  • Audit Committee Advisory

  • Board Governance Audit & Risk Oversight Health Checks

  • Internal Audit Plan Development

  • Rotational Internal Control Reviews and Site Visits

  • Strategic, Financial, Fraud, Operational, Compliance and Technology Deep Dive

  • Best Practice Benchmarking

  • SOX Project Management and Key Control Assessments

  • Internal Audit Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

  • Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Cybersecurity Audit

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