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Our highly experienced CPAs help businesses take advantage of all tax benefits. Our goal is to keep the most money within the company.

There are many ways businesses achieve tax savings - AGLA experts know them all. When you work with us, you gain a team of trusted advisors dedicated to your financial success.

Our CPAs are adept at understanding the complex tax laws facing companies of all sizes, and they stay up to date on all changes to the corporate tax code. Not only are we knowledgeable about tax law, we help clients develop strategies that enable the law to work in their favor.

If you chose to work with AGLA, you will have a committed group of accountants helping your company keep the most money possible within the business to support your profit and investment goals.

Selecting the right business entity

We help business owners determine the best type of entity to operate (LLC, S-corp, C-corp, trusts and partnerships). This important decision has a dramatic effect on the amount of after-tax income that companies (and their owners) retain.

Reducing tax burden

We thoroughly research your company, so we can fully understand your operations and help you take advantage of the best tax strategies available.

Coordinating personal and business returns

We can work on a business owner’s individual tax return and the corporate return together to help you achieve the best tax position possible.

Developing incentive compensation strategies

Today’s employees expect robust compensation packages, which can become a complex challenge for the employer. Our CPAs are experienced in setting up benefit structures, such as retirement plans and other fringe benefits for employees. These strategies reward employees, improve business outcomes and reduce taxable income.

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