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Are your funders looking for assurance that your financial records are reliable and accurate? Are your internal control processes operating efficiently and effectively? Do you have safeguards in place to protect your assets from misappropriations? Are your financial policies and procedure manuals up to date?

An audit provides assurance that your financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with the required standards while building a strategic partnership that strengthens the financial management of your organization.

Agla experts are skilled and wise enough at analyzing financial statements and evaluating the risk of material misstatements. We will give you a solid picture of your organization’s financial health, with best practice recommendations to improve it.

After performing Audit, your organization will enjoy the following benefits:

We have extensive knowledge in all types of audits, including financial statement audits, single audits (Uniform Guidance/government audit), IT assessments, internal audit functions and employee benefit plan audits. No matter what your organization may face, we have experienced it before and have the knowledge to share with you

As technology leaders, we use Suralink accounting software to manage workflow and seamlessly transfer documents to one another securely. You can take comfort in the fact that your information is safe and benefit from this leading-edge financial technology. In addition, AGLA utilizes data analytics to offer enhanced audit procedures. We are always exploring new ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence throughout the audit process.

We are continuously providing ongoing education to ensure our clients are knowledgeable about changes in the industry due to new standards, via ongoing conversations, webinars, in-person presentations, etc. with our clients and their board members.

Our founding partners created a foundation where personal attention for our clients was and always will be a priority. GRF is known for the involvement on every engagement from our senior management team. Our partners and managers will become trusted partners and advisors to your organization.

The engagement team is accessible throughout the year, not just during audit time. Having real-time information helps ensure your financial statements are fairly presented throughout the year.

Our hands-on audit approach can be done in person or virtually. We customize the process to meet your needs. We will work together the way you like best.

We are fully knowledgeable in working with charitable organizations, membership organizations, trade associations, social welfare organizations, private foundations and many others. We work with a wide variety of nonprofits both on an individual basis and on a combined basis when related. We understand these types of organizations and their needs, as well as the industry standards and practices. Your nonprofit will benefit from our expertise

Our accurate and detailed audit process gives nonprofits credibility and helps organizations fundraise more effectively. You will be able to present your audit report with confidence to the readers/users of your financial statements.

Our nonprofit sector CPAs are passionate about their work and have devoted their careers to understanding this specialized industry. You will work with like-minded experts, dedicated to helping your nonprofit succeed.

We help nonprofit organizations understand different complexities that nonprofits face, including:

  • Nonprofit governance

  • Revenue recognition/restricted funding

  • Split-interest agreements

  • Program vs. administrative COS allocations

  • Alternative investments

  • Related party transactions

  • Best practices in the industry

  • Implementing new accounting standards

  • Operational reserves

  • Leases

  • Other agreed-upon procedures, as necessary

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